Ratings for American Idol are way down. Should it go on?

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11 years of this crap


It think it should stop now because it is hurting a lot of people especially the contestants. It has become a popularity contest and the best talents do not win. This was confirmed when AI producer Nigel Lytgoe was interviewed in TMZ. He categorically said that it is not about the best talent but who is more popular. What a shame. The judges do not have integrity. Predictably, if the show continues, the eventual winners would be another WGWG; or to change things a bit, a WGWG (white girl with/without guitar), or to conceal a bit the obvious racism, a black contestant would win once in a while. Other great artists of different ethnic descent should go somewhere else since they are forbidden to win.


Absolutely love the show. I look forward to every January when it is about to start. I feel the show is a great backbone for the contestants moving forward. You must keep it on.


@vm I am one of the global viewers (from Australia). I'm not sure about being more educated.... but the last few seasons I thought were silly. Adam Lambert and Crystal should have been the winners. They were way better than the WGWG. Scotty was good, but no better than Lauren. But for this season I think you guys got it right. Phillip is an individual, I love his voice and guitar style and I will buy his album. I didn't want to support him, as I'm sick of the WGWG too, and I would have preferred Joshua, then Jessica, then Phillip. But don't knock Phillip's talent just because of the problems in previous seasons. He deserved his win.

@ JacJac

really, you really crazy. the rating is falling fast, the pruduce is not a good one, I hate this show, like most of the people, who watch american idol since kelly clarkison. Need this show to die and move on to something diffent.


Yes, it's about time to unplug AI show. The winner this Season 11 is pre-determined and not by talent. The show and specifically the judges have pre-determied who they want to win. This show has undermined the mentality of educated viewers and judges have favorites. It's disgusting because even young children where cheated. I myself will never tune in to AI. They're so commercialized and an insult to both contestants and viewers.


Yes the show has sub-average entertainers and is frankly hard to watch all the B.S. that does not entertain but sickens the soul. Give it the axe and for God's sake do not show reruns on any other tv channel.


I love the show! However, something has to be done about the voting. There should be a limit per phone number. Most all the other reality shows have a limit. Most of the voters are young females voting for cute guys and not for the real talented people. I don't understand why IDOL will not do something about the voting.


The latest AI result was outrageous, AI fabricated their AI winner and made the viewers appeared to be stupid. For obvious reason, they got the wrong winner. This was completely a turn-off, viewers were not just americans but global people from all walks of life who are far more educated. What a shame! I wonder if the AI people can still sleep out of their guilt.


Its not the talent and quality that counts on this show. People are voting based on the choice of who they like or love on the show and many of them are not in a position to judge the singers. Whats the point of having judges, it all seems to be a show and nothing else. Even the judges are being told it seems what to favour or say when they judge. They are not really there for what they should do or say. Its all pre-decided. This show is a joke and a mockery of music and talent. its all marketing and nothing else.

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