Tony Bennett responded to Whitney Houston's death by pushing for the legalization of drugs. Think this is a good idea?

Tony Bennett at the Grammys

This guy is such a tool..duh Tony, Whitney was taking "legally prescribed drugs". Sit down, shut up and pay attention you old fool.


I think Tony has lost his brains completely. First he accuses America of deserving what happened on 9-11 and now he thinks drugs should be legalized. All that will do is hasten a lot more people to their untimely deaths. What an idiot this man has turned out to be. I used to adore him. Now I just shake my head in wonder.


I don't think all drugs should be legalized. That would prolly jus make everyone a drug addict because they won't get in trouble for it. Marijuana on the other hand, is a plant not a drug. So jus legalizing weed would be better then legalizing all drugs


i respect toney bennett, but this idea of his is just stupid and uninformed. more people will be doing drugs and dying. the people who have died from drug overdose have had drugs readily available to them.

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