Should a noisy kid at a movie theater be hit in the face?

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The kid should never have been hit but I'll bet from now on he'll be quite in a theater.


I can understand the frustration. That being said the vote being so much in favor of a 21 year old man punching a ten year old in the face and knocking a tooth out seems not at all righteous. I have a 10 year old son. And if he got punched in the face like this I'd be pretty upset to be sure. I still couldn't go beat this guys ass without taking a risk to end up in jail, where this guy belongs. Whats wrong with you people? Assault is bad enough. Would assault on a child be child abuse? How did he not know that this was a kid , even in a dark theater. He saw good enough to punch him straight in the mouth. And all you fools who voted for this asshole will hopefully stay away from my family.


He had a path that would have put an end to it at once. Go to Management and have him removed or refund your money. They would remove him as they can keep all the money that way. You should never hit anyone in anger. Then doing so without looking at the person you are assulting.


this kid should not be there. I thought the movie was Rated R?? Where are the parents??
But, you can't kick and hit people just because they are noisy!

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