Should A&E cancel Duck Dynasty in light of the Phil Robertson controversy?

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Phil Robertson's suspension lifted by A&E: Right or wrong?

Phil Robertson's suspension lifted by A&E: Right or wrong?

Phil Robertson: Should he be suspended?

Phil Robertson: Should he be suspended from Duck Dynasty for his anti-gay comments?

Who's your favorite Robertson, Willie or Jase?

Who's your favorite Robertson on Duck Dynasty, Willie or Jase?

Should a student have been disciplined for wearing a Duck Dynasty shirt to school?

A student in Virginia wore a Duck Dynasty shirt to school and got in trouble for it. Should he have?

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Its written "ironically bristol who had sex and had a a child out of wedlock agrees" true, so should she or every woman who has had sex or has a child out of wedlock cry foul when its the truth. Should some of us cry we have been insulted when I know that in the bible its a thou shalt not? Come on I deed it and might still do it but its wrong and I won't justify it at all. Yes I agree again that my son,daughter or relative can be gay but still its wrong even if there is nothing I can do. Its in the bible and those who read and try to follow it know that. No one is perfect at all but the truth has to be told despite how hurtful it is especially when quoting the holy book. As a christian he did exactly that.


Yes, he has the right to voice his opinions, but he did so in a hateful manner. If any of you had a gay son or daughter you would understand how much pain and suffering comments like this cause. Hate towards homosexuals cause teenagers to kill themselves and the families to go thru hell. It's very, very painful folks, and not fair. You wouldn't want to see your child going thru that. Trust me on that. And you are not safe, anybody can have a gay son or daughter. Also the fact that so many people applaud his intolerance is sad and frightening.


Typical liberal response to a minority group.Get your head out of the sand A&E,America is turning back to its conservative roots.Can't wait for the 2014 elections.


I like will someone take a stand. The family don't need A & E. A & E needs them.

@ George E. Walker

He was asked a question and answered it honestly. If I were asked my opinion of the bible I would give it honestly. We should not be such a sensitive nation that we squelch our freedom of speech. I don't agree with what the bible says about gay people burning in hell at all. I also don't believe every word in the bible. It was written by men. But that's beside the point. We are all the creation of one god and we were created with love . I think the more popular and wealthy you are there is someone that's going to try to take you down. That reporter knew exactly what he or she was doing when they asked the question.


He is in a country where there is Freedom Of Speech.Put him back on and quit picking everyone apart.Don't people have anything else to do,but
mind everyone elses business.Don't people know how to mind their own business.He is a very religious person,and has every right to his opinion.
This is America,The Land Of Free.

@ Marie J. Hebert

Go take your 40 year old ignorant immoral self out of here. He is homophobic douchebag who needs his dumb illiterate show canceled. Pieces of crap is all he is and his while disgusting family


Mr Phil Robertson believe in the principles of the bible therefore he speaks,we are living in a country where we are free to do and say whatever we want.Put it this way, you have a child and the child is disgusting and rude but you will never hate that child, you just hate the things that child does.