Selena Gomez has gotten herself a tattoo of "Justin." Do you find this gesture sweet or scary?

Selena Gomez Tattoo
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This is STUPID. And whatever shes wearing is ugly on her


she was probably just drawing on her wrist with pen........


This is sweet 'cause it's not a real tattoo..
If it was a real tattoo it would be stupid




HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! really y is every body such a hater ,even if they do break up ther's this thing called surgery!!!!!!!!! so what she's in love if you think it's stupid then let her be stupid , oh well!


Sweet, for the average slut nowadays!


Honestly, this is kina stupid cuz wat happens if they break up, having her ex's name on her arm is going to be weird. She has to think a little


My God, Why am I even here reading this? What do I care about these children relationship. Why do I care if she tattoed his name, if she pooped his name? The only stupid here is ME, reading about bogus people, bogus everything.


This is SO STUPID!!! Their so-called "relationship" is some scammy publicity stunt to get prsss attention and up their PR anyway! So why go this far - silly sillyyyyyyyyyyyyy... little girl!!!!


That Is SoStupid And What If They BreakUp,What Is She Going To Do Then?