And the Winner is?

Rihanna vs. Karrueche Tran: Who's got the best bikini body? Vote in this first-round matchup of THG's Bikini Body Showdown!


This contest is the first item that appears in a google search of Karrueche, but DOES NOT even appear in a google search of Rihanna. Do you think that Rihanna's 25 million followers would let Karrueche win, if they knew about this contest? The fact that less than 3000 people have voted proves my point. Rihanna's "Navy" inundates any poll or contest with votes for her. I'm sure you will have fun declaring this contest "close," or even declaring Karrueche the winner; but your results are meaningless, and even stupid, if Rihanna's fans are not being given the opportunity to vote.

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