Rihanna and Drake: Do you like them together as a couple?


Dat nigga hairline crooked 😂😂😂😂😂😂


I am happy for her even though i would like to see herand chris get back together. He is just not man enough yet. Karrueche is doung her thing with quincy combs bigupps to her a well. Ehat comes around goes around does chris no. That or naw. Karrueche better stan back or dhould she tell in advance well then again riri. Will slways hold the spot she so desperately wants. Chris needs to get his life. First and for most then see other people. Or just win riri heart again (trust) one lady only man. Act like an adult with adult decisions. Ar the end of the day chris is going to be chris otherwise. And that comes with trouble drugs party girls and hustling so called friends with benifits. Conartist- friends Congrats to ri for doing big things chris should be proud of that as a wife and
Possible mother material when that time comes she is great with kids ( she still doing young things ) yeah but we all do being in the public eye isnt easy but comes wuth the job chris is better and happy with ri and she with him work at it and on it Only if he is willing to change until then be happy who knows time is everything Chris dosent like to be alone thats why he always need someone or people around him. He gets antsy and bored quickly and that can be harmful if not careful. Take responsibility for his actions Ri will never be complete no matter what if it aint chris ( soulmates). Chris will never be happy if it aint ri (soulmates). Its hard to forget when u dnt want to they said it didnt they. Truth. Everybody else are subs

@ Natea

u kno ..i've heard this so many times...Rihanna the wife Kaerreuche the side chick...Rihanna holds the key to Chris Brown's heart that Kaerrueche wants (how has that worked out for Rihanna all the years she has known him..maybe she has the wrong key? Lol) and why hasn't he let Kaerreuche go?, why is he so close to her now?, why cant he and rihanna get it together?...the answer is simple....they were young and in a relationship that went sour..the end!

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