Paris Jackson's new look: Do you like it?

Paris Jackson Haircut Pic
Paris Jackson New Haircut

well someone is doing drugs, no wonder her parents don't want her shes freaking crazy.


she looks like shit even micheal wasent like that
i luv paris but the new style hate it i vote for the old paris not for the punk style i mean have u seen ur self in the mirror awfullllllll i want fun paris not fuck paris ;-)


Why is this child in the public eye so much?????? She is in need of some adult supervision. That wig she has on looks Awful.....also is the tattoo on her back real????? Smh.

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Paris Jackson Biography

Paris J. Pic
Paris Jackson is the daughter of Michael Jackson. She has an older brother, Prince, and a younger brother, Blanket (also Prince,... More »
Los Angeles, California
Full Name
Paris Michael Katherine Jackson