Military moms breastfeeding in uniform: Should they be allowed to?

Military Moms Breastfeeding
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SPC Shelton, You are not a disgrace for breastfeeding. The women in the photo are against the UCMJ because you are using your uniform for an awareness campaign. I have no problem with you breastfeeding at all. As a matter of fact I would give up my office at times for one of the moms in my unit to breastfeed her babies in private. But I do have a problem with them using the uniform to promote it. I have seen people get canned for much less infractions of the UCMJ and they shoudl receive some sort of discipline. Look at the Marine who posted stuff on his facebook about the government. He was let go for utilizing his rights like people have said about these women. Not equal treatment is it? They shoudl be disciplined.


So, I am a disgrace for breasfeeding while in uniform? I am so happy that the people I have fought for while in Iraq think that I disgrace my country to feed my special needs, formula intollerant child. I thank the individuals who support it, and I still will continue to fight for those who condem me. I am a good soldier and a good mother. Even though there is hate, I will still continue to rise up everyday proud for doing what is best for my child and country.
P.S. Where in the regulations does it state that female soldiers cannot breastfeed while in uniform? Please show me the AR so I can correct myslef.


Breastfeeding is certainly normal and natural and encouraged for the overall health of the baby, however, it is a personal bonding experience between the mother and the baby, not something to be shared with the general public. I know of what I speak....I worked, I shopped, I attended Church, all while breastfeeding 5 children in a discreet personal way-----for ONLY ONE YEAR after birth.


If you volunteer to join the US military you agree to follow regulations and standards. There are regulations specific to how a uniform is worn, these servicewomen knew this and most certainly agreed to follow these regulations when they joined, furthermore as women we are offered choices each time we give birth and if these two women did not agree with the regulations they had/have the option to separate from their military service. Perhaps because they only deal with this once a weekend and 2 weeks out of the year for their drill, they do not understand the ramifications they are causing active duty women by their actions to make a public statement on their personal opinion while wearing their miltary gear, which too is also against our regulations ...


Breastfeeding is normal and natural. I think the shock of this is the lack of modesty. Although I am amazed when a woman can feed 2 children at once, the display of breasts is uncomfortable for most people. As far as the uniform that is up to the military and their rules need to be respected. In my job, I would never breastfeed in public. Would anyone reading this feel comfortable with their doctor in a white coat whipping out a boob breastfeeding and then examining them? Unlikely. We pump or breastfeed in another room, then coverup and see a patient (praying we do not leak through our clothing if we hear a baby cry). Dr. L