Lindsay Lohan on SNL: Funny or fail?

Lindsay Lohan LOVE

I agree with Joe, has noting to do with Lindsay, SNL in general sucks.


As usual SNL was not very funny. I doesn't matter who the guest host is....the writing is not funny. It started when Tina Fay became head writer. Most of the best cast members began to leave when they could see the writing on the wall.

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Lindsay Lohan is a troubled actress that hasn't starred in a mainstream movie in years. The star has been arrested for drug possession... More »
New York City
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Lindsay Dee Lohan

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Tell him he's f*cking amazing, and I want to meet him.

Lindsay Lohan [on Michael Phelps]

I just want to live a happy, healthy year and continue on the path I've been on and be with the person I care about and my family.

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