Lady Gaga vs. Perez Hilton: Choose your side?

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Lady Gaga getting puked on is...

React now to Lady Gaga being puked on during a performance.

Is Demi Lovato's criticism of Lady Gaga fair?

Is Demi Lovato's criticism of Lady Gaga fair? Does she glorify eating disorders?

What do you think of Lady Gaga's new song "Dope"?

What do you think of Lady Gaga's new song "Dope"?

Is Lady Gaga really bisexual?

Is Lady Gaga really bisexual? Or is it just an act?

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I think they're well-suited enemies. I remember him posting inappropriate photos of an under-age Miley Cyrus, the most vile photo of Kesha, and numerous counts of bullying and harassment towards other artists during their "friendship." But as long as he was nice to Gaga she was okay with him being despicable towards her peers and colleagues. As far as Perez stalking her – I think he is vengeful and probably did moved to NY to dig up dirt on Gaga and I hear there's plenty to dig up. Get the popcorn.


People are always making bad comments about other peop
le, leave it alone.....


People are INSANE if they allow some narcissistic, poser, plagiarizing freak like Lady Wah-Wah drive her Little Mobsters commit felonies like hate crimes and threats of violence against a blogger (a friggin' BLOGGER) just because, like the rest of the world, he's finally realized that she's just some talentless window-dressing, designed by others. She doesn't care about YOU, or understand YOU, or finally give YOU a voice. She's not doing anything that hasn't been done many times before. Even Milli Vanilli knew when it was time to give up the charade - one day you'll look back on all this with shame. Lets hope it's not from prison.