Kim Kardashian has posted this photo of her 16-year old sister topless. React to it now!

Kendall Jenner Topless

beautiful photo. doesnt anyone realize that most models are underage? do you really think that the woman selling you anti aging cream is older than 22? morons.


I think kendall is just fine. For all the haters out their she has to get her feet out their. Because by time she's in her 20ths career is almost over. Yes Bruce do care and so do Kris.


It's not like Bruce Jenner does not approve of the pics. If her father does not care that she will be exploited by the media like all the rest of her sisters I do not care, we know her mom does not care! The sad part will be years from now when she becomes strung out on drugs like all the other rich white girl models that cant cut it and cannot handle Hollywood.


kendall is very beautiful she should use it tastefully and not in a dirty way the body is a beautiful thing if you know how to model your body tactfully and tastefully just like her sister kim did in the right way


Kanye is kind of reverting Kim back to her Ray J. days. Regarding this pic, it's probably from her Victoria Secret shoot. Her mom was so proud and raved about it.

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