Kate Gosselin's pic of daughter Mady in heels: Right or wrong?

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If that really was a pic of Mady then it is innocent fun for an 11 yr old to put on her moms high heels. What I find very inappropriate is posting the pic on Twitter or anywhere else, then its no longer innocent. To the person who said worry about your own lives, I say that if we don't worry and get involved when a question is asked about this or similar subjects ( we are our brothers keepers and its out of love that concerned people speak up to keep children safe in this crazy age ). I'll get off my box now. Thanks


Dear Lord...what has this world come to when you have to worry about posting a pic like this. Little girls have been trying on their mommy's heels for years.....I say it was harmless....lighten up everyone!!!!


Doesn't anyone remember playing dress up as a kid? The only difference is there's internet now to document it


It is completely harmless. People don't complain when they have naked babies on the internet for people to see but when it comes to a celebrity showing their daughter in heels its "inapproprate" and plus it's not like a pedophile will know that that is an 11 year old in heels so calm down people.


Ok..I don't like kate but really people get a damn life..So is it wrong to post pictures of your children in shorts during the summer?? I think not...everyone needs to grow up and worry about their own lives.


It's okay for her to try on her mother's heels for the fun of it, just don't post it, to many pedophiles out there and then if they know it's a young girl, child. not a smart idea but that's Khate for you.