And the Winner is?

Karrueche Tran or Rihanna: Who'd you rather ... date? Vote in this poll to decide which Chris Brown squeeze is the hotter ticket!


Free Britney you already have a sign over Tran head like she already won how can you compare the two of them please. This is so stupid that you have went this low to have people voting over them after Rihanna has been what she has been through do you think Tran could have taken the beaten she did a pop back strong like Riri she has a reason to mad because everybody act like she beat up Chris Brown thats what went on in the bible the lady who commited adultery they brought her but they didn't bring the man she had slept with and they were going to stone her not him. Come on Tran is a hood rat and she there for the money and every hood rat wish that could be them not to work no more just run around free and easy and smoke your drugs party all the time party all the time a free life what young female wouldn't want this and Riri is working hard for her money come on everybody that pick Tran is sick in there head to think everything comes for free keep living...


Have you guys got better things to do other than this shit? Leave rihanna alone, she has moved on don't try to include her in this again, what happened before stays there.. and WTF has Karrueche got to do with this? Doesn't it make you realise how stupid you look now?

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