Joan Rivers often mocks Adele for being fat. Is this funny or foul?

Adele Oscars Dress

Joan Rivers has had an illustrious career and this cheap shot at a younger star is beneath her. She should not only be proud of the very talented young women building brilliant careers, she should be defending and encouraging them along the way.
Yes, she owes Adele a sincere apology. It is my hope that Ms. Rivers reflects upon her unwarranted and nasty comments about Adele and shows that she has some principle and dignity and calls off these caustic, ugly digs. If her personal attack was, in her opinion, meant to be humorous, she missed the mark by a long shot. My hat is off to Adele for not dignifying Ms. Rivers comments with a reply. Do your thing, Adele, and continue to entertain your fans with dignity, poise and maturity.
A devoted fan, Fred

Norma lucas

has joan looked in the mirror lately? and who the hell wants to be a bonerack??????

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