Team Ronnie or Team Sitch?

Ronnie Gets Pissed

I think Sammy needs to just move on and find another guy! Ronnie is unstable. She's never gonna make him happy. There's no room for her with his ego!


K what the heck? I take situation's side, because Ronnie is just stupid. The situation should mind his own buisness, but he said ronnie said about bringing 5 girls over when he was drunk. Sammie just left out the part where he was drunk, so technically she was the one that got things heated up. She's like half lying to the rest of them. And Ronnie's anger issues are just outta control


Ronnie goes off on one for no reason sometimes from wot ive seen and only seen this seasons sho sooooooo bt wen he int angry he a laugh lol love jersey shore get crazy get wild lol


I think Ron blows everything out of proportion. He is major anger issues and needs to see someone for them. It's only a matter of time before it gets him into some serious trouble. He is lucky that fight on the pier didn't get him into some trouble (of course he ran away instead of facing the consequences) like most little boys do instead of like a man. If you are going to fight like a man then face the consequences like a man. Ron is out of control!

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