Is Vanessa Bryant, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Kobe Bryant, a gold digger?

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A couple corrections here... when Vanessa started dating him he was making $11 million a year!! She demanded before they were married that he payoff all of her family's debt and it was big debt. If that doesn't sound like someone marrying for "love" I don't know what does. GOLD DIGGER! She has multiple nannies and her mom is a slacker too. I live in Newport I see them. Vanessa doesn't do anything that a normal mother or father wouldn't be doing for their kids so pulling the two kids is a fulltime job doesn't fly with me. I have two kids too I just don't have $100 Million. This chick has always been in it to win it. And she isn't even that attractive for the neighborhood. Look around Kobe I see 20 girls a day at Cappy's Diner hotter than Vanessa.


The mother-in-law lives in Kobes home because she babysits his two young daughters whenever Kobe and Vanessa are out working or doing thier social thing.
Vanessa truly loves Kobe but she married very young and doesn't know how to treat him properly as her husband.
She is learning and so what that Kobe buys her expensive baubles and beautiful expensive designer clothes and fast cars and fabulous meals and vacations? He is paid well and a person has to spend their money any way in which they wish.


She might of married him for love in the begining but when he cheated you knew she was in it for the money. He have her a huge ring and who knows what other stuff and HELLO she forgot that he cheated? That right there shows the type of person she is. Why should her mom get a house, she didnt marry Kobe. She is a Gold Digger alright. I just feel bad for his girls cause they are the ones that really matter.


Somehow I never recall Vanessa puting a ball in a hoop or doing an endorsement. The compensation is well above what she contributed to the assets and the relationship.


I agree Im so tired of the men getting all the blame 4 everything u don't know what goes on b hind closed doors. There r 3 sides 2 every thing ur side they side and the right side,because these men are in public eye they catch all hell. vanessa knew just what 2 do and 2 get her mother a home out of it why do she deserves a house by his work.I bet n a few weeks vanessa will be stepping out with her secret lover.


We read awhile back (not too long ago) that Vanessa is mean to Kobe.
This could possibly be true. Cheating is not the answer to this if indeed she is mean to him. Am also wandering if she married him because she loved him or because he has money and possessions.
The ones we feel sorry for are their adorable girls. They are still too young to understand what is going on, why mommy or daddy has moved out etc. Sure hope they can reconcile for the girls' sake.


I dont care how long she stayed she was in it for the money from the start.that girl new wat she was doing wen she merried him. the only thing she should get is child support and may be a lil something for her time but she have done her dirt to who get merried and bring your mother with u right a way maybe if your mother is sick and need u but i think she and her mother new wat they was doing . I bet u she was like im going to give him some kids and stay with long so can get payed.if he didnt become as big as he did she would have been gone a long time just saying