Is this little girl's cover of Nicki Minaj awesome or disturbing?

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your heads are in the trash people. If this little girl could sing this song she will be bigger than taylor swift when she is older. She is so cute and is having a great time. She sings rolling in the deep are you going to make a comment about that. Please people go get a life.


This girl is a precocious brat and shouldn't even be listening to this song let alone sing it. Have you seen what facial expressions she does! She keeps moving her body (dancing) in a sexual way and she is only 8 years of age so you people who think she is good her parents are fucking idiots and should be ashamed.


yeah of course lots of judgement, I figured so, diedn't you all hear nicki, she will give her the clean version, and I am sure that is what her parents let her listen to, the clean version. Hello, people don't be so judgement, have any of you Not sinned? Let people be, if you don't like it, what you doing watching this video anyways? go and watch gunsmoke, i love lucy, sesame street, the friendly giant, forrest ghump, I'm sure you get my drift by now. Let it be.


Honestly people need to look past the song choice, so yes its super bass oh well cry me a river, this little girl has talent and proved it she has done nothing wrong an all people are doing is focusing on the song, welcome to the 21 cent.


Agree - great singer, very poor parental judgement for either of them to have HEARD this song!


I think it's awesome she was singing but not a good choice of song.


shes AMAZING! i dont think she should be singing that song but still thats really good!