Many people are taking pleasure in Kim Kardashian's divorce, using it as fodder for jokes. Are they crossing a line?

Kris vs. Kim Cover Story
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Public not being too harsh. She deserves more than she gets. She defrauds public with sham, farcical wedding and then her sisters say public is too harsh. We didn't make $17 million shaming the public either. She can't stand not to be in the public eye, good or bad, just to have her name out there. But this time she is a laughingstock!!! I mean who seriously is this screwed up? She said he messed up her bathroom and interfered
with her spotless house. How goofy is that? Thank God she didn't have children. That would be a travesty. Somebody needs serious counseling, Kim. And contacting Reggie after she is married. Do you see what this
person is made of. Pathetic!


Hey Khloe, ummm like ok, not hating, like ummm, for real, tell her to return the ring and gifts.


there in no way this was a true wedding it was all about ratings and money. even the rose petal proposal, it was embarrassing because it was clear it was staged for the camaras it was probably ALL KIM's doing


No more comments from me - just another example of their stupidity and feeling on public frenzy. Bunch of no talent sleeze bags. If she didn't want the attention do you think she would have been a porn star.


That is EXACTLY what they want. PUblICITY is never enough for the K-FAME WHORES.... I am so stupid to loose my precious time reading this


Please give me a break!! What Poor Little Kimmy!! What Kloe wants people to react with kind words for Kim..In All all the Wedding of hers..Not Kris..watching the wedding episodes..what really got me is when Kris was on one knee getting ready to pop the question..and she walks in..she had to look at the ring before she said wondering if the diamond would have been smaller would she have said yes..probably not..and Kris should have seen the signs so he is just as guilty for not walking away..So I have no Pity for the Drama Queen Kim..Get Over Kim ..YOU DID WRONG..Maybe Kris will Find The woman of his dreams..Best of luck Kris..maybe it was for the best and is Little Kimmie keeping the ring..i think she should give it back to Kris or is she that hard up for money?


oh hooker please...that useless family wouldn't have 15 shows with the same damn cast of r*tards if they wanted privacy