Many people are taking pleasure in Kim Kardashian's divorce, using it as fodder for jokes. Are they crossing a line?

Kris vs. Kim Cover Story
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kim you used us all of us for money viewing the phony marriage leave my black men alone with your fake booty and lips your not black for they are weak for big bootys and lips!!!!!!


They get on my nerves, really pathetic


To hell with the Kardashians and the balless stepfather Bruse Jenner.The all need to seek help I sure there is not a Dr. that would talk with them. The all of them are fucked up. The oldest one is with a man that dresses like a fag and drinks like a fish. And big klohe has her husband P---y whipped.Do the public a favor and cancel the show.


SHAM and Shame on you KIM! There are so many starving people and devestation around the world - 18 million dollars could have gone far...


she did the whole marraige thing for money anyway , how ca she be goin thru a hard divorce wen she only stayed married for like 10 weeks or whatver it was kmt , it was all for the money , dont feel soz for her they kknow what theyre doing


Kim did put upon herself. almost all the celebrity couples fail. The problem with Kardashians is that they like GOOD public affection.they hide away to avoid bad attention.


People need to leave Kim alone!!! She is going through a hard divorce!You know in most cases you really dont find out what your other half is until you marry them!! Its happened before everyone acts like this is a big deal when they AREN'T the first ones to divorce this quickly!!! Im sure alot of us "NORMAL" people have married sometimes for the right reason and sometimes for the wrong reason ! Just because they are famous why do we have to put them in the spotlight this isnt the first mind boggling divorce with the rich and famous and im 100% sure it wont be the last!SO I vote to leave Kim alone!!!!


lmfao..i am so sure ppl...half of ya r barkin @ the lady & ya can't even form a sentence. as for mom Kris pushin her beautiful daughters to make money, with Playboy or sex tapes-who cares!-i say way to go Mom, way to beat them to the bank and keep control over ur image(s)!! nothin wrong with that. i hear nothin but haters out there & for a family that does put it all on Front Street for tworld--i say more power to ya!!! do ur thing and take the heat in that awesome Kardashian way that we fans have come to dig! if it was a money stunt then way to get ur dollars babygirls! a man that cheats deserves what he gets. so no boo-hoo's for Mr. Kris from me- and since i know the K babes r tough, strong women- they need no boo-hoo's from any1...Keep on Keepin on and ya know-we'll be watchin! even ur haters...and that's some funny stuff there...


If you want privacy, than stop sticking your face all over the TV cameras and posing for magazine covers. It was all a publicity stunt anyways, the majority of intelligent people know it!!! Let's start reporting on real news, not this Kardashian crap!!!


And the Kardashians laugh all the way to the bank. They know what sells and they sell it. Even the Haters are following the story.