Is the media biased in the Trayvon Martin case?

George Zimmerman Picture
Seventeen-Year-Old Trayvon Martin

This has been a case of guilty before being proven guilty. If Zimmerman is not found guilty both Miami and Sanford will burn, and I would not be surprised if Chicago and Detroit burned as well.


Media, left or right, is about market share. There are some news agencies that pretend that is not the case. It is all about money. Not about morality. There was once a case where a news reporter and their videographer allowed a woman to kill herself while they filmed. How sick is that.
It used to be said that if the Courts system failed in judgement then public opinion got their shot. Our public opinion is created for us by those who want the limelight. Those who never offer answers or solutions.As the light of the TV or Internet monitor grows brighter are minds grow dimmmer. Thnaks for thinking "for us".

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