Is The Bachelor's Courtney Robertson pure evil?

Courtney and Ben
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I don't think Courtney is ready to settle down. My guess is that Ben did not have a real love connection with any of the girls. I think that Ben just picked someone to have fun with to get the whole ordeal over with and plans to move on. Courtney is definitely not the maternal type.


Sorry if Ben ends up with Courtney, but as soon as she stripped for him I knew he would end up with her. It's no secret what most men are wanting...even if it's only for a date or two. If Ben proposes to Courtney it will not last long. All the wonderful ladies that were wanting a true love relationship thank your lucky stars you didn't end up with Ben.


I thought Ben was smarter than this. Courtney gives all women a bad name, a total bitch from hell.


If Ben makes Courney his choice for the rose ceremony well then he gets what he deserves. What a fool. Courtney is so obvious and evil that if he can't see it he deserves everything he gets. I was a fan of Ben F. but now I just think he's just another common man that thinks with his second head.


courtney is a bully. she said most of her friends were men ! ben wants a woman with female amies....


She needs some meds for certain! And what's up with her upper lip? Really?? It's like she's had a stroke. And a model - for what?? She is either a really really good actress or very borderline personality disorder. Instead of being on the Bachelor she should be using her time more wisely like a nice inpatient treatment facility. She is so self absorbed and boring.


Every segment of the Batchelor/Bachelorette has had the : "Bad Boy/Girl" type. Seems we watch to see the bad one go down and the good one win. We got a really bad one with this Ben/Cortney saga...which proves my personal theory that Chris Harrison would pimp out anything just to make a buck. He is sooo phoney it's pure bologna. Funny how he pops into the middle of the show throwing his "authority" around and straightening every one out!!! LOL The conclusion predictably so is if the Batchelor passes on the good girl and ends up with the "nasty", we are all so glad because the good one deserve sooo much better.


I agreed with Diane, I watched the first two epsiodes, and stopped watching because it Courtney was a manipulative and nasty competitor. I'd been watching this show for four years! Ben had some wonderful, beautiful and intelligent women to make a selection from, and it was obvious that he was infatuated with Courtney from the start. She has no values, and he simply couldn't see through her. What a shame! However, I'm starting to wonder if this is not a "reality" show, and had a script written in advance... and that is the reality.


Who wouldn't go for her she is amazing other than being a gold digger.


I think we are all disappointed in Ben. In early bachelor days, kissing didn't happen until late in the series, now that is all Ben does. Does ABC know how boring it is to watch endless minutes of two people kissing? How can they find out about each other if they aren't talking. Marriage is not endless kissing! Also, one writer faulted Vienna, who probably had a lot of faults, but I think in the end, Jake was the one who proved he was not marriage material. Believe me, if he were, he would have been gone long before he was chosen for the bachelor. He was a control freak with serious problems. As for Courtney...does anyone know how long she sucked her thumb or used a pacifier when she was a baby? She has serious mouth problems or else she has been kissing a babboon for practice.