Is The Bachelor's Courtney Robertson pure evil?

Courtney and Ben
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I think Courtney is stunning. Let's not forget that in all reality shows, "the powers that be" embellish the theme they are trying to emphsize. There is ALWAYS a protagonist and antagonist. I would like to see Courtney do a few guest appearances on various popular sit-coms. She plays the "vixen" role quite well. Ratings would hit the roof! Anyone important listening? ......Jeanetta




Have you thought though this process of this "game"? The girls actually only get to see Ben for a few hours each week. To think that they (both of them) can fall in love through a forced process like this is silly. The entire process of the show is a game where the winner gets to the opportunity to see if they can actually fall in love. Courtney is playing the game well. Has she pissed off the others girls in the process - obviously yes - but that's what the show is all about. If it was a friendly contest it would be called that, it isn't, the a bachelor contest.


Did you watch the show?? Ben many times stated that he was looking for something different, "something out of the ordinary". So now everyone is complaining that Courtenay offered exactly that? I think the rest of the girls are more mad at themself that they didn't think of it.


Courtney's skinny dipping stunt was very low class and the flashing her nipples for everyone on the group date was over the top, then she feigned ignorance when there was a poll taken about skinny dipping. I about fell out of my chair when he sent Kacie home, she was my favorite, then when he ditched Nicki it became clear that the tabloids are likely right he'll end up picking Courtney. No one wins in this except ABC (the ratings game) and Ben's wine sales(a rumor why he did this show in the first place). I think Courtney did this to make sure she stood out as 'memorable' no matter what it took thinking it would help her modeling career and maybe even launch her into Hollywood movies. PLEASE everyone do NOT spend any money on a ticket to a movie with her cast. Let this die down and have her fade back into the wallpaper where she came from to be forgotten.


It's not clear to me that Courtney is a psychopath, but one thing is sure, she's emotionally unavailable...for Ben and in life in general. Emotionally unavailable women are more likely to engage in unusual behaviors in order to win the heart of, lying, deceit, etc. Her performance in yesterday's Women's Night (March 5) confirms the diagnosis......she was unable to truly cry!!! She's not like most women!!! How do I know........I was married to a "Courtney" for 20 years!!! She will never change!!!!! Instead of hating her, we should feel sorry for her!!! And be glad we can emote!!


This is all so very sad. I always love hating the mean girl but this is taking it to far, Courney was very catty but so was a lot of the other girls. I MY SELF I'm very happy for her if she is the winner, every one deserves to be loved so what if Ben falls in love with her he see's something in her that he wants in a women, I mean really what did she do but play a little catty,she did not murder any one, She did not hurt any ones child, she did not threaten are country. lets get over it , lets them be happy. PS good luck courney in what ever happen much happiness and god Bless


Ben behaves like a creep. I think all the girls can do so much better than him. Courtney and Ben belong together.


If he chooses her he deserves her!


I loved this show when it it is a joke! I agree with several other posts that it is just a scam...the "bad girl" that everyone hates seems to be the "winner" now. Courtney is disgusting! Sure made me change my mind about Ben. Sad! I won't bother to watch another episode - or series of the Bachelor!