Is Newsweek's Michele Bachmann cover biased?

Michelle Bachmann Newsweek Cover

@ Mindy - Do you have a brain tumor? why should anyone be going after Weiner's wife? She wasn't the one who sent out pictures of her junk. With regard to the newsweek cover, they didn't have any better pictures of Bachmann to put on the cover? One has to wonder if someone chose that photo on purpose or if she just sucks at taking pictures.


walt. I would love to hear some actual facts that lead you to believe that she is stark, raving mad. Unfortunately, I think you are probably like 90% of people out there who say the same thing. You heard someone else say it and you are a blind follower.


Has nothing to do with conservative or liberal. The woman is simply stark, raving mad, and this picture shows it!


Anything to make non-liberals look bad. I'm getting pretty tired of this. Why not try and humiliate some liberals for a change. Like the wife of Anthony Wiener - how's she doing, pregnant and is she still with him. Get off the conservatives back for a while. It's only making liberals look like jerks AND makes conservatism that much more believable. People don't want to hang with haters. Times are too tough to live your life negatively day after day - it gets old!

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