Miley Cyrus says parents should talk to their kids about sex. Is she sending the right message to teens?

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I agree with Ms. Cyrus. i think it' just right to talk to ur kids about sex, because when you don't, the more they got curious. it's just that you have to talk to them so that they would understand why they shouldn't do it because they're still young. Kids grow up and tend to know about these things. All parents can do is to explain to them clearly and let them understand why it's like that..


i think your awesome and i think you did a smart thing and congrats on liam!!! if u r readin' this
but u and liam are som diffrant :(


damn she is ugly...


hey miley if you re readin dis it is for u.My name is augustina n I want 2 say u re my biggest star and I admire u a lot. all I'm saying is what i saw on de video is really good i think u re right about talking about de sex advice keep it up