Is Michael Strahan the right co-host for Kelly Ripa?

Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa
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I do think Kelly is slim but she works hard for it. I would kill for her figure. She obviously is eating enough. Perhaps we should consider that we're eating too much. As for Michael. I like him but i dont think he's a good fit for this show


He was picked because he is black.


this show is doomed. bad pick kelly.


Neil Patrick Harris or Josh Groban should have been picked, Strahan has no personality, no sense of humor, I feel they have no chemistry, I don't see him as a co-host, I don't like him at all He is uneducated, I really like the show but I will be really disappointed if I have to watch these two together and after all these years I might just turn to another station as a direct result of a very poor choice of co-hosts.


Strahan is not a good fit for the age of her viewers,lacks compatibility....he towers over her, doesn't portray her family image, and she acts like a child with him. Together their chemistry isn't that good and they certainly don't share the charisma she had with Regis....VERY DISAPPOINTED and I hope the rumors aren't true. If so, I'll have to go to NBC & the TODAY SHOW.


I think anyone who wants to co-host with Kelly is making a huge mistake. She is so full of herself, and will want to do all the talking. She is forever looking at herself, must be a t.v. screen in front of her. I think he is great. Let's get him and replace Kelly. Now there's a good idea.


I'm sure anyone who partners with Kelly will do fine,after all the program is scripted.


I like Michael Strahan but I don't think he's a good fit with Kelly Ripa. I think this show will be history soon. Time to move on Kelly and Michael. This show always belonged to Regis .............


I think they have great chemistry together. I have seen it on television when he co-host with Ripa. Someone commented and stated that Strahan and Ripa are not educated. How do they know that?


since i can leave a comment please please please stop dressing her like some 50 year old, make her clothes fit a little better. it would not hurt if she put a little meat on her bones.
hint: stacy london and clinton kelly what not to wear