What do you think? Do recent Lady Gaga pictures show she is both a man and a woman?

Lady Gaga Hermaphrodite Picture
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Yu r a dikhed


You're all kind of missing the point. Even those of you who are in support. If Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite then she is not a man pretending to be a woman and she is not a woman pretending to be a man. If you are attracted to her because you are attracted to women then you have not been betrayed by her being a man in a dress. If she is a hermaphrodite then she is a HERMAPHRODITE. Not a gay. Not a lesbian. Not a transvestite. Not a transexual. She is a HERMAPHRODITE. The way nature intended her to be.


Voice of the people, Hermaphrodites do exist you know. Its just the genes gone wrong ==', so don't blame it on God. I'm not supporting Lady Gaga, but it wasn't her fault that she was a hermaphrodite, though I agree she shouldn't be such an attention seeker.


the question is mot what you think, it is what you see. look quit trolling and hating on each other and mark "Yes, you can totally see it" or "No, it's just a crazy rumor"


ok no theres nothing wong with being a h women, buttheres is somtng wrong withbeing one and wearing a skirt that short, if you have a dick then dont show it to the whole fucking crowd, dnt matterhow small it islol and guys we can all say we have a bigger dick then lady gaga xD


I don't care how anyone is born or what their orientation or genitalia is. However, I think it's disturbing and dishonest to present oneself as a woman when clearly a man. Or, vice versa. While I don't care what you are or what you have, I shouldn't be shammed into thinking you are something you are not, and I believe the rest of the world should be afforded the same courtesy.


omg My man liked her until this I don't know what to say to this I feel sorry for Lady Gaga. but she don't care! and my man don't like her anymore he is disgused about this rumour but everyone I know believes it and I do too now so don't hate my answer everyone had there own...don't wirte me either i won't answer




it doesn't matter whether she is male or female; a person is a person, no matter what their religion, ethnicity, or gender. All you jobless dickholes need to stop making such a big fuss about it. Gaga is Gaga, no matter what. If you were a real fan you would care about her music and her personality, not her supposed “ mixed parts�. So all you good-for-nothing paparazzi and crazy people (voiceofthepeople) need to stfu cuz it is wrong to make someone feel bad about their gender.
- a TRUE lady gaga fan


This is so flippen lame its a rumor okay and if its not who cares? shes still a person so why treat her any different? and if shes a lesbo well okay thats cool, if she likes to act like both genders okay as long she isnt serously and permantly hurting anyone but anyways like her song says she was 'born this way' becuase science has proven time and time again that your sexual orentation is determined by your genes so this my reply to an earlier comment "dear voice of the people SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!! go take your lies somewhere else becuase bitch no one want to hear you preach so go get a freaken life and stop hating on gays and lesbians...people like you make me SICK!!! your always hating on the things that dont fit you fucking belief if theirs someone you should hating on it should be Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer becuase they killed innocent people for selfish reasons"