Yes, Kristen Stewart messed up. She cheated on Robert Pattinson. But is she being unfairly treated by the public?

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look she was wrong and so was the man she was with. and i don't beleive it for one minute that they didn't have sex, she isn't going to say she did cause she wasn't caught doing that. they caught her kissing so thats all she is going to admit to. same goes for him. never like her anyway!! was waiting for her f it all up!! now if Rob was smart he will kick her to the crub and get on with the rest of his life and make grown up decisions in his personal life and his professional life. and i wish him all the best in the world and be an adult. it's time.


Sorry the rest of my message was cut off so here it is: Think of how you would feel if you were in that situation. And the fact that that jerk Rupert Sander's is listed under the "WHATS HOT" section on this site, just goes to show how sad it really is, because he was the married one with the kids. Has nobody ever heard the saying "treat others the way you would want to be treated"? For the record i do not condone what went on, because i do not condone cheating, and i feel badly for all the people that were hurt. But i just think the way people are acting towards her is over the top.


They are both to blame. Kristen was possibly in a relationship with Rob, but Rupe should have known when to say enough is enough i am married, i have kids, and i am your director to continue with a fistulous affair with you will do nothing but hurt us both. Bottom line she is not entirely guilty.


It takes more than one man to satisfy Kristen!!


If a married man with children cheats, he's an Idol...if a girl involved in a relashionship cheats, she's a slut! That's how our society works and it is really unfair... Yes, she cheated with a married man but if I were his wife, I would blame him...he's the one that betrayed my trust and direspected the children... If he didn't think twice about what he was doing, why should she? She made a mistake towards her boyfriend but I think that it is wrong to call her a home wrecker...He wrecked his home with his own hands!!!!! So people should stop blaming her... blame them both for their own situations... and stop blaming only her!!!


I think its so wrong to everybody to put down Kristen and not the guy.It makes me so mad to see what people post about her.


I agree with Diane and Victoria. Who's to blame?...both...but whos the one was married with children. He should have KNOWN BETTER and SHOULD HAVE SHUT IT DOWN AND THIS "BS" SHOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN STARTED TO BEGIN WITH. Kristen if want Rob and you can't live without, you know what we need to do....So Go Do It! Forgiveness is the key to Love and Happiness. Best Wishes!!! :-)


You mean all this and they didn't even have sex? Get a life people. She is only 22. They are making a mountain out of a molehill. As for Robert Pattison he should see his way through to forgiving her if it was just hugssss and kisses. Wow I think everyone needs to get a iife of their own and leave these two young people alone.


How do you think the married man's wife feels. Nobody thinks about her.


c'mon, it's sadd all around, it happens especially in the business your in, leave her alone, alot of lives were torn apart here, she's so young,,move on...poor girl...oooops, she got caught so what...:), you go Kristen, I am sorry for your loss with Patterson, but you guys have so much goin on'....move past it...move forward and f..n' the ones that don't get it...:)