Yes, Kristen Stewart messed up. She cheated on Robert Pattinson. But is she being unfairly treated by the public?

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What young starlet in Kristen's position has not been handled in one way or another by their director or producer on the set or in private during the filming months of a blockbuster movie? You cannot judge her so harshly, in the world of "HOLLYWOOD" you have to cowtowl to those in power to keep your job...Rupert had all the power; and besides they never had SEX, so having drinks and going out on the town is not CHEATING!!!! I am sure that Robert has had a meal or drinks with his leading ladies, after all take a good look at the boy....He and Kristen need to put this behind them and get over it! Losing the one you love because of the sheer JEALOUSY of the one that broke the story to bring them down and sell media time and gossip rags is sad. Get back together, that will really stir the pot and give them something to talk about. November is rapidly approaching and Breaking Dawn Part 2's premier will need you two to be back and stronger than ever.......


the problem is between kristen and rob let them sort things out themselves i mean can all see she hates her self for what she has done it doesn't mean we can have ago at her the only person with that right is rob and i bet there is atleast one person who is hating her that has proberly cheated i mean yh she shouldn't have done it but leave heer alone your makeing her life impossible and as i go's she is struggling and we should support her to and bet them both to talk and sort things out its none of our buissness so just leave it i bet we would all hate it if we were in their shoes with people they don't know getting involved just leave it alone and stop she will break down if everyone continues so just shut up i dont like what she has done but its not my buissness or anyone elses


Pattinson should remember that he had a close friend who is female. Do you suppose they ever kissed? This Rupert Sanders is married and has two kids so why is this girl taking all the blame? UNFAIR!!


OMG this has gone on long enough. All I've heard is once a cheater always a cheater which is BS. The girl is just 22 years old. Yes she knows the difference between right and wrong. This was wrong. But for those of you that are casting all these stones at her unless you are equel to GOD than you've all made mistakes. To forgive is the best feeling in the world. Please Robert just talk to her and hash this thing out. Act like an adult and give yourself some peace of mind and let Kristen either go on her merry way or get back with her. Don't leave it hanging. You guys made a beautiful couple. If its ovet then it is sad, I really wished you could have beat the Hollywood curse. So few make it out in that fish bowl. I wish you BOTH the best. I still love Kristen and wish her the best of both worlds in her private life and Acting career. On the same token I love Rob and wish him the same and bunch of happiness also. Good luck with all you choose to do.


I feel that it over let them move pass it..own then will their be any chance for any of them.. but I feel this was not the first time that he cheated on his wife its just the first time he got caught. and he sure made a name for himself now.. never heard of him before this. just something to think about.. this opened more doors for him .. but shut doors on kristen..thats not right.. I think the media has gotting out of hand and need to give people some space to live


I think it is BS that she is being target... Yes she made a mistake.. But Rupert was holding her and hes on the WHATS HOT list.. I mean really.. Guys It takes to to tango.. If all we know he could have taken advantage of her.. I mean she is 22.. give the girl a break.


Media and others should leave Kristen ALONE! Thank goodness she has her family and close friends for support. Everyone makes mistakes and as far as a seen the tabloids this cheating thing in HOLYWOOD, it's not a new chill out. She's probably feeling the after affect on this whole C-THING. LKA = Leave Kristen Alone.


all she did was kissed rupert anyways, its not like she had sex with him...come on, leave her alone she is having a hard enough time dealing with the kissing scandl, plus robert won't even talk to her let alone do any of the promotions so i think ppl need to back off of kristen


I personally was cheated on by a spouse...which I later found out it was with more than one woman, but in my opinion, I feel it took not only courage to publicly humiliate herself because she cares so much for Rob that the guilt was unbearable, but she loved him enough to tell the truth. I think he should give her another chance, but she needs to realize she will have to earn his trust again.


Yes she's only 22, but she is old enough to know Right from Wrong.... And cheating is NEVER right!!!