Is Justin Bieber a good role model? Tell us what you think in this survey!

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Should we forgive Justin Bieber for his racist videos?

Justin Bieber has been caught on tape being a bit racist. Should fans forgive him?

Does Justin Bieber need to stop getting tattoos?

Justin Bieber has several tattoos. Do you think he needs to stop getting new ink?

Do you want to see Justin Bieber pose for Calvin Klein?

Justin Bieber may pose for Calvin Klein. Would you want to see this?

Would you go see Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber on tour?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber may tour together. Would you buy a ticket?

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Why do poeple think he a good guy.....well my be in a few way but he crazy his teen year are all most over so why dont he grow up it ok to have fun but not all the time


Why do poeple think he a good guy.....well my be in a few way but he crazy his teen year are all most over so why dont he grow up it ok to have fun but not all the time


i love justin to death, but i think he is still setting a bad example for some of his young fans BUT I STILL LOVE HIM


Stop hating!!!


Wtf! How could people say that of Justin! He's perfect! Nobody should think of what he does but for what he does for his fans! It's his life! U can't do anything about it! Stop hating! I LOVE JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!


I belieb Miss J is crushing over Justin! She needs to worry about her own life & image & sanity & stop musing how 2 make JB into MJ for her.

@ T5

? What. She hates him. I don't like him either.


But he has help a lot of people you guys do not know I couple of his fans he tweeted him that they were going to kill them shelf and almost right away he tweeted them back I told them do not I need you guys. Most people do not take time to read tweets. He could be doing a lot worster things then speeding which is normal his age hell it normal my age. and I am ten years old then him.


I believe Justin make a good & hot role model, bcome Straight Edge Pop n get back wit Selena Gomez again bcause he is always there for his fans.

@ Martel+Jawuan+Owens



Justin Bieber is a kid and unless kids are raised to be kids inspite f fame and fortune, they may act out or utilized resources afforded them as Ye please.
Ms P would better serve as a role model herself if she got herself together. Kids need to realize the cant control choices of either parent, but if some how they make it to adulthood, they need to do better themselves. Ms P has to deal with MJ being a man who wanted kids so bad that he perhaps paid a price to a woman to be willing to give ovaries and possibly a man to donate his sperm as it apparently is no secret MJ allegedly had issues with his ethnic features. Some pills are hard to swallow, but non the less have to be digested and when they crap comes out, flush it and move on because there still exists a human being that needs to survive in a world that can be very cruel.
Many young kids are sitting back wishing to be these other kids with all the fame and fortune, but the things that are priceless are mentally stable balanced mature guardians who love, guide,protect teach and practice building great Godly characters, not based on getting a cosignature from the world or peers of unacceptable or eccentric behavior.