Miley Cyrus has been snapped smoking a cigarette. Should the singer act like a role model and know better?

Miley Waves in Rio

its her life, she has the right to smoke. But she should know better, thats disgraceful in front of cameras for little girls to see and get the idea of smoking being glamorous and harmless. If she needs to have a cigggy at least smoke in privacey, have the decency to avoid smoking in public, its not just herself and her own image she's damaging but its the girls and boys who look up to her as a role model! smfh.

John e

Actually it is her business not anybody elses.She is going to do what she wants to do not what you want.SHE WILL LEARN WE ALL DO.But it sounds like everybody thinks it is ok for her to be half nude though HUH.That is different,really some good fans huh.


I think she has no young fans right now, beause of the end of outstanding Hannah Montana. So, she has to take care of the cameras watching her every street.


I'm one of your oldest [meaning my age] if not your bigest fan and I talk from exp. when I say to stop now while your yong.the heck with the rest of the world, do it for you. it will only hurt your health and damage your singing career. It is a discusting habit that I wish I could break. It gives you bad breath yellow teeth and even with mouth wash & tooth past there is still an odor that lingers on your cloths and in your hair.Not a pretty picture for a sweet & beautiful young lady, is it?


miley you can do these things but at least once you should think about yourself that it can make you more weaker and weaker,which i don't want.


no miley please dont! you must stop for me for your fans i am your biggest fan i went to your gypsy hart tour but please stop but it is your life if you want die thats your choice but i am not supporting you on this one your on your own.


miley is a fat bitch lesbian smoker she shold die in a car acsident die bitch


i am a big fan of miley but when i know she is smoking, i don't know if i should support her anymore BUT after thinking for a day, i think that i should support her all the way! THAT'S WHAT FANS ARE FOR!!!! MILEY ROCKS!!!!


:( miley plzzzz i love thisis siking and you ....miley toor in greec ...


I'm a huge fan but i must say I'm disappointed at this behavior cos many kids and teens look up to her due to the many many TV shows she's done with which they love....and after a while.... they hear or see pictures of her smoking??? its not right.... she should think about it herself....

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