Is global warming real and caused by humans?

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I used to be a huge Al Gore fan. Worked for his campaign in college. As a kid I got solar cells for christmas and birthdays, made electricity with generators and anything I could find. Problem is I hate to be treated like a child and lied to. If you're called an envirnmentalist you can say anything without question, everything is the worst thing ever and we're all going to die, it's just noise now. Personally I think we'll have an ice age way before any global warming super disaster. I think even Al would prefer the heat.


The Republicans get much of their funding from where...big oil, big coal, big gas, yes all massive co2 and pollution producers, all of which spread disinformation about Global Warming, as it is in their interest to do so. So it doesn't take much figuring out, it is almost obvious. What is the hidden agenda behind Global Warming? Why are the Republican party in the USA, the only one's in the world that think man made Global Warming doesn't exist?


Robert, hate to tell you this, but the north pole is neither a continent or even a land mass, it is entirely made of ice. It is called the polar ice cap in fact submarines go completely underneath it. It is total ignorance on both sides that makes this debate an utter travesty.


For the people looking for definitive proof....All you need to do is look around. When I was growing up, The North pole was always covered with snow and ice. And even in the summer months 90% of it was covered. Now look at it! About 80% of the entire continent is Green.. Hello? Mcfly! Is there anybody home?

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