The mother of Courtney Stodden says her daughter's fan pages have been removed from Facebook because Courtney is "too sexy." Do you agree?

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her mom is a nut job.Its not just a swim suit mom, yes her but cheek and v lips are hanging out. Ok so realy about all 17 year old has had sex, but who post on fb how the sex went down with some old fart. None of this is normal or healthy. I am 28 and look like im still in high school. I am beautifull, and have done modeling, so im not hating because i look yonger and better then her on top of havng 3 kids.

Kristina moon

Could it be that she is underage?? No, let us go with she is too sexy. Her mom is a goof. Why would you want people looking at your 17 year old daughter in these kind of poses. Oh wait.. thats right she let her marry an old man so she and her daughter could be famous. The singing isn't going to get her anywhere.


Pictures like this give her a bad name, it's tasteless and makes her look like a hooker. I have neices and nephews on facebook and i dont want them looking at this crap. she may be pretty but theres other ways to show it off tastefullly.


She looks like a stripper. I can appreciate tastefully sexy pic's but this is tasteless!

Berta jimenez

I feel sorry for this pitiful girl.It's quite obvious she has no sense of direction...

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Courtney Stodden is a 16-year old singer. She's never had a hit of any kind, but she made news in the summer of 2011 for marrying Doug... More »
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