Is Chris Brown a role model?

Chris Brown LIVE Concert Photo

I love Chris Brown, his music, his dancing all around entertainer. This kid has paid his dues in reference to Rihanna. I don't know if any of you saw the interview after the incident with Rihanna. She stated that she was just as much to blame for the incident as he. Who knows? You and I weren"t there. Period. He is at an age where he can recover professionally(three Grammys) and learn from his mistakes and move on. It is never right to put your hands on another person. I am sure that he is ready to move on, and is frustrated that people keep bringing it back up. He deserved those Grammys. He is a talent. My hope is that when he grows up and matures he will do something else with his celebrity. Get a life people.


chris brown is a woman beater and sherri shepard is a ho. both of them should be off the air. having chris brown on the grammys sends the message that it is ok to beat women. if someone beat sherri's ass then maybe she would have a different opinion on the subject. why is it black people can justify any type of bad behavior??


Yes I think Chris Brown could be a role model, he's accomplished a lot with his life and even through adversity he is still moving forward. Everyone has so much negative ish to say bout him but Rhianna steady right there in his she doesnt have too much of a problem with him, and she's not as innocent as it looks..society loves tearing down stars, they are human just like everyone else.


Ummm, CB is no role model!! I dont care what he has done to pay his dues to society!!! Do we forgoive sexual preditors?? NO WE DONT! So why should we forgive him for beating the crap out of someone!! Also, he clearly has anger issue! He did throw a chair at a glass window last year when a televsion host DARED to ask him about the "incident"!!! Screw CB!!!

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