Is Bristol Palin homophobic?

Bristol Pistol

I don't blam bristol at all for being homophobic becaus i am too myself.The bible says that GOD instituted marriage between 1 man and 1 woman.Ps i promise all you faggots that are out there are on yall way to the lake of fire soon prove me wrong i dare you fools.


So what if she got her on show, Kim Kardashian got her own show for making a SEX TAPE WITH Reggie and look at her no one hates on her because she is just like every one else, BUT because the Palin's are actually trying to some good for this county people hate on them.
Palin's ALL THE WAY. God Bless.


+She must be homophobic because she used that to insult him. Can any one explain why she has a show...she made her 15 min. of fame by being an unwed mother!!!


The guy was way out of line. In no way should he be shouting out slurs like that. Of course he did that to get attention and when he did get her attention, you can see how scared he was that she confronted him. She was not right or wrong in asking if he was a homosexual because he was making an assumption about her Mother being a whore, why can't she fire back and assume he is something he may not be. She wasn't calling him a homosexual either just asking him. I am glad she stood up and impressed how she didn't flinch or seem nervous at all. Sarah Palin is a human being, she's not the greatest but she's definitely a good person. Michele Baachman on the other hand is the evil one!!!!!


I agree with Elizabeth on I would have slapped him. But, I would always defend a woman being abused in just about any shape form or fashion. This to me was clearly abusive meant to provoke a confrontational situation and to scare a young woman less than half those mens age. They were showing the excrement they are. Bristol certainly display a sense of self control and maturity. And, you call any person's mother a whore your going to more than not cause confrontational situation. We are allowed to defend our families. Bristol did a fine job of it. TMZ are creeps for setting this up.


Elizabeth Metz....I agree with everything you said 110%.


I think the dudette was way out of line. I don't normally defend any Palin, but the dude really crossed the line. I'm actually impressed that she made a bee-line to confront him, tried to calm him, tried to reason with him, and when all else failed, she moved away from him. Me? I'm not homophobic and I can say without prejudice that I would have bitch slapped him... hard! I didn't answer the poll because it left out the correct answer: She had good Gaydar going on... and even if it wasn't Gaydar, she was able to reasonably figure out that that was what dudette hated about Sarah. I don't care for any of the Palins, but this was a big step up for Bristol in my book. Do I think she is homophobic? No. She defended her mother in the face of a very ugly big mouth POS. Gay or Straight, the guy was way out of line and deserved more than she gave him!!!

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