Kyle Richards says you should NOT tell your spouse if you cheat once. Do you concur?

Kyle Richards on Bravo

Having gone through this myself and heavily weighing what to do, I believe honesty is a key to a strong, successful, long-term relationship. If you made a stupid mistake like one time cheating (like I have) you owe it to your spouse to give them the truth so that it is their choice to be with you. If you don't tell them they you are basically keeping them under false pretenses, not a healthy relationship.


The answer is no. You may be feeling guilt and want to get it off your chest, or even be hoping for forgiveness. In the end, the one thing that is for sure, if you tell, you are going to hurt the person you care about more. Get tested, and once you know you are clean, learn & never take that chance to lose your loved one again.


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