To raise money for his charity, Ian Somerhalder has placed lunch with himself up for auction. How much would you pay to go on this date?

Ian Somerhalder, Dog
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he is not a product stop treating him like one of u(bloggers)


i think he is really hot and would pay for anythingto go out whith him but i just dont have the money


pay? are you serious? ok. Extremely cute and nice guy, but ...
no way i'm paying for that.He's a person not a product! i'm only sorry if he needs such excuses to prove himself.


i would pay but in only 15 haha


It is unfortunate that Polish women do not have enough money: P
This amount is in U.S. dollars, and we will earn nearly 5 times less...Your lose, because as you know Polish women are the most beautiful in the world :P


I don't have large amounts of money to bid with. What you are doing is awesome! I am an animal lover and am appalled at some of the stories on the news - abandonment, cruelty, etc. I would take in every needy animal if I could, but I would need to live on a farm or at a zoo! Animals are "people" too with feelings they express in their own ways. Good luck! I know you will have great success with this :)


I would give every spare dime if I could.To bad the people with the big bucks dont care enough to help. worthy program. thanks Ian


I so wish i had the money for this,This is an extremely important cause to me


Oh how I wish!!!! If only I had money to bid...but we just bought our first house and am now broke! :)


I wish so badly that I had 10,000 dollars or more to win a lunch with you. unfortunatley I am a broke parttime college student.