Have you lost respect with Rihanna for getting back with Chris?

Chris Brown and Rihanna Courtside
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her behaviour is nt gud because she slps one n another bt i still lv her n admire her


all that matters is happiness and that's one thing nobody can buy with money or fame. Rihanna should be happy with whosoever she chooses and above that i love the two very much


I am a survivor of an abusive marriage men like this DON'T change I took him bck repeatedly after pleadings and tearful promises 2 change only 2 have the violence get worse when he got drunk. The final straw when he choked me 2 unconsciousness I wuz about the age Rihanna is now she sys she wants 2 B happy the only way 2 do that is 2 love HERSELF enough 2 walk away.