How did Billy Crystal do as host of the 2012 Academy Awards? Give him a grade now.

Billy Crystal Oscar Promo
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I thought he did a great job! I'd like to see anyone who insults him do it better? Can you imagine the pressure that goes along with that job?? No thanks! Good for you Billy!!!


Overall I think he did a good job. I him. What a scary job. Millions of folks are watching him and hoping to be either shocked by a big mistake on his part, or to laugh and guide the viewers through what is exactly what he said:"Millionaires giving awards to other millionaires."
However, he has had WAY too much plastic surgery and he looks kind of what I would think him to look like if I were visiting a wax musuem. He is engaging and funny. Why he did what he did to his face is beyond me.
I thought he was way cuter before he did all those odd things to his face.




I thought Chris Rock was the highlight of the evening


I really don t like Billy Crystal that much, but remembering the hosts> Anne Hathaway & James Franco / steve MArtin & Alec Baldwin... I have to admit, he was better. My favourite of these past years was Hugh JAckman.... Wish he would return.