For whom would you vote, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

Romney, Obama

How eazy we are lead stop being sheepeople let someone tell me how any PRESIDENT has anything to do with the price of GAS as fair a drilling for OIL it would be 20 year or more befor we would see the effects of any drilling here like the bible saids STUDY TO SHOW THYSELFS APROVED READ stop spatting out what you heard in the BAR!!!!!


If you all vote for obama this election. you will not get out of this mess.someone told everybody that obama is anti-christ. He also will putting american people in this mess again. And rising the high gas price up to $6.00 per gallons after the election and mess up the whole country again.


i voted romney on this poll even though i hate him because i want this to be a invalid poll because there is no ron paul button

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