For whom would you vote, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

Romney, Obama
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Mr Flip Flop or Mr. Empty Talk? No, I vote for Ron Paul!


Ron paul wants to drill for oil here, we have vast amounts of it in this country and obama wants to buy from the arabs and high prices to keep us under his thumb, really america its time to wake up. Did you know that in february congress quietly passed to have drones the size of a bird in the sky to watch you know that holder sold guns to the Drug cartials in mexico...really people and as for ron paul being a racist check your sources..before saying that he was one of the senators who voted for aid to israel....really...RON PAUL IS OUR only hope of freedom, less government, no income tax only a flat tax for everyone, close our borders and make them secure, take care of our own people...Dont we all want that...


I would not vote for either, both bad for our country....I vote Ron Paul...he is the better person to run this government he is for less government...and I for that...


(continued) hours of his speeches. If you want to call him racist because of something published by an author that worked for him in the 80s, then Obama is a drug addict.


Neither. Ron Paul.


Why is it SO hard for people to see that NOTHING will change if Romney defeats Obama! They are BOTH owned by the same people! The same policies will continue! The large international bankers own this country and if we keep electing the candidates they give us NOTHING will ever change! We NEED a president that CANNOT be bought! Ron Paul or Gary Johnson are NOT owned by the bankers That is why we have been told they are dangerous and crazy. We cannot save this country by voting for the establishment candidates that the bankers bought and paid for! Wise up and vote for a NON establishment candidate. It is our only chance to save this once great nation!


Ron Paul


Reason why they don't select Ron Paul is they are blocking him out which is not right.. Ron Paul is still winning the states don't let these idiots fool you.. Even though they stated Mitts won the nomination.. The GOP has to realize we the people are not fooled no more and we are working on replacing the 98% of congress and working hard to get Ron Paul as our next president. RONPAUL 2012


We live in a great country and cannot afford another four more years of Obama. I am a conservative and I will gladly vote for Romney. We need to put our nation first.


Neither one of them is a good choice. Obama is destroying the Constitution and the Bill of right. And Romney isn't worth 5 cents. He would be a shoving "cap and trade" down our throats. He can keep his carbon taxes. RON PAUL 2012!!!