Ellen DeGeneres as Oscars host: How did she do?

Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie

Hallo Ellen ! You really done such a great job at the Oscars, did u get a chance to eat "Loverrawchocolate " in your dressing room delivered by Rochelle, I hope u did, as this is sort of food would give you all the energy you would need on that day. Also a big Hallo to Portia.
Well done xxxxTraude

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Ellen DeGeneres Quotes

I’m thrilled that the California supreme court overturned the ban on gay marriage. I can’t wait to get married. We all deserve the same rights, and I believe that someday we’ll look back on this and not allowing gays to marry will seem as absurd as not allowing women to vote.

Ellen DeGeneres

You showed us something in that film that I have not seen for a very, very long time.

Ellen DeGeneres [to Jonah Hill, regarding his penis in The Wolf of Wall Street]
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