Does heaven exist? Kirk Cameron says yes. Stephen Hawking says no. Decide.

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Hmmm, We Believe what the history books, written by man tell us but Not what the Bible, also written by man tells us. It's a matter of a little thing called Faith. I'm Happy to report that I Do have Faith and I'll continue to Pray for those who do not.


Mr. Cameron is trying to tell you the truth. There is a Real Heaven, and there is a Real Hell. Please, people, read Gods Holy Bible, and see for your self. Mr. Cameron, is telling you like it is. For your souls sake, Please read Gods Holy Word, The One True Bible


Is there anything more frustrating than people bickering over religious beliefs? There's no way to prove anything on that matter, but someone always feels they have to start the argument (thanks, Stephen). You could say Stephen Hawking and Kirk Cameron are both right. Heaven exists if you believe in it. If you don't, it doesn't. There are as many variations of these beliefs as there are people on this earth. It is ignorant to think that the world is absolutely the same for every one.


there is absolutely no way to prove one way or another so everyone needs to stop saying it like its a fact. id like to believe there is a heaven but there is NO WAY of possibly knowing...


Yes heaven is veryreal And God does exist we alln had better get ready to meet him real soon.Same on youStephen king.


Absolutely, heaven is legit.
It's too legit to quit.