Channing Tatum as Christian Grey? Weigh in now: Do you want to see this actor in this role?

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Alex Pettyfer seems to fit the image better. Him And Emma Watson would be the perfect match for the film


Im on team Ian Somerhalder, his PERFECT for the role.
I dont really care about who plays the girl even if she is hopeless at first just look at Kristen Stewart.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers would be the perfect Christian. He has all rge needed qualities as actor.


Ryan Reynolds definitely


I'd say definitely NO this time! I love Channing though. He just doesn't fit as Christian Grey! I can't really see him as Fifty Shades! Ian Somerhalder would be perfect for this!!!! And I'm so dying to see him in that role! Jeez!!!! GO IAN, my FIFTY SHADES! :)


While I love Channing (and boy I do), he is no Fifty! We need someone very domineering, elegant and protective.....and the eyes, how can you forget the eyes!? Ian Somerhalder is perfect for this part!!! I am not sure I would want to see anyone else in it! I would love to see him and Alexis Bledel as Ana!!!!


Taylor maybe. Or possibly Ethen but never Christian. I already have my Fifty in mind


theres only one man for the part henry cavill i couldnt watch it if it wasnt him


No, no, a million times no! Well, maybe from the lips down. Definately not above the lips. He doesn't have the eyes.


From the neck down he is a great Christian! But we need someone who can really act and get into Christians fifty shades of personality!!