A new rumor claims Adam Lambert might sign on as an American Idol judge for Season 12. Would this be a good choice?

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He will always have my vote!!!


Sparky, What?????? Adam has been performing for years. He's done Broadway for Pete's sake. "He had such a great talent that went to waste????????" Once again. What???????????? Back to reality, I'd love to see Adam as a judge on American Idol. They'd better do something to keep their audience watching!!!!


I haven't watched AI since Adam Lambert's season but I'll definitely watch again if he is selected as one of the judges. He is such an intelligent and articulate individual & I love him as a judge on Project Runway and a mentor on AI and Majors & Minors. He'll be a great choice...


I love Adam, I think he would be an absolute wonderful judge. His vocal range is INSANE and he's just and all around nice guy to boot. He has also been on the other side so he would REALLY understand how the contestants feel. When he was a mentor he did an amazing job with his con-crit. He's not some cheezeball that's just gonna give rave reviews at every performance I think he would really truly be honest, without being an asshole about it. I would love to see him on my tv every week, it would be exciting!


I think Adam is amazing and would be a remarkable judge. He has been in the business all of his life and knows what it is like to be a contestant on Idol. If this a rumor only, it is a sick rumor. Go Adam - you would be great!


I have been singing since I was 10 both professionally and privately. I have followed Idol since Kelly Clarkston. The reason I have been disappointed the last few seasons is because the show has majored on personality and not the voice. Adam brings both to the table as a performer. Since Kelly, I think he is the best pure voice the show has produced and would be a great counter to the projected sweetness of Mariah Carey, another incredible singer, on the panel. This guy is the real deal and would be a great addition to Idol.


here is is what i have to say to the people that he should say sorry for what he did on the ama's STOPit dose not matter that he did that and if is a judge on idol he would make a AWESOME judge
and thats what i think love a big fan of idol and adam
taylor schloss


I think it is best that making Adam pay for one mistake forever...is totally not a compassionate thing. That AMA performance is over...forget it, and don't make him suffer, because you can't forgive or forget. It's important to look for the best in ALL people. Being a bigot is not a good thing. He hasn't wasted his life, and his music is just fine. Maybe next time he'll sing classical pop...that should be fine with all you who can't see the forest from the trees. He did a great job mentoring the kids on Idol a few years ago, before Jimmy started giving us his two cents. I don't agree with him much at all. Adam was right on the money. He has wisdom beyond his years. He would do a great job as judge.


The show needs some youthful energy, just like Queen did..One of the best bands ever, they acknowledged that he reinvigorated them and upped everyone's energy. Adam is perfect. It's the Steven Tyler's and Jennnifer Lopez''s who have used these shows to jump start sagging careers. Adam is a multifaceted artist. He will do many things and be around for a very long time. His talent is special but that's not what's important for Idol now, in my opinion What they need is sizzle and personality and someone who is articulate and can and will critique these contestants.. Someone who understands all aspects of performance and can speak intelligently and honestly. That's one of Adam's strengths.


Adam Lambert is such a fascinating, intelligent, warm and highly charismatic person, of course I would love to see him as a judge on Idol. And on top of that he would bring a whole new perspective into judging, having been through the process himself. I have just seen videos of his performances with Queen in London and the man is an extraordinary talent and a wonderful human who has totally re-energized Queen. If you haven't seen them I highly recommend looking them up on Youtube. Adam brings so much joy into the world and whatever he does his brilliance shines though.