Did Rupert Sanders actually make out with Kristen Stewart? Or might these photos have been staged?

Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders
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i dont know if there real but why cant reporters and photographers leave them alone so they can sort out there relationship. With all the new "evidence", it just makes it harder for rob and kristen to get this sorted out. Who really cares if kristen had an affair? why is it the whole worlds buisness? let them sort it out and not make things harder for them!


get out of your delusion and insanity people.Kristen is capable of cheating .period.she has millions of dollars to hire a lawyers to sued the US weekly if these pictures are fake they been sued left and right by now


Ok may be these are fake.... But What Will be in car Photos. .? Come on she. Cheated and everybody knowvs this....


Some people will do anything to stir up more trouble. Just as things were starting to settle down someone dumps this crap on the web. I don't believe it. Rob is a great actor, but he was hurting in his interviews. Kristen wouldn't want to ruin her career if it came out she had lied to everyone by commiting this hoax. Everyone's careers would suffer. How could the same flowers be blooming 3 months later. NO WAY!


This completely makes no sense. First, two very innocent children was put in the middle of this. Secondly, you can visually see the toll this event has had on both Kristen and Rob. Both appeared to have lost a lot of weight since this event was made public, especially Kristen. The facial expression on both also shows the visual effect this is having on both actors. I know both are actors, but it’s very hard for any human to hide emotional difficulties. It is very obvious that both Kristen and Rob is experiencing grief in the loss of their relationship. Lastly, both Kristen and Rob attitude about "Hollywood culture" just goes completely against this logic. They do movies because they LOVE acting. They love the work that they do. They're not in this business for the fame and glory, which is another cause for Kristen's grief. She knows her mistake went totally against the value she stood for.


i think there okay !