Do you think Amanda Knox was guilty of murder?

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Im sorry, but you'd have to be a total moron or delusional to believe this girl had any involvement. Not one drop of her DNA is found, yet the ACTUAL killers DNA is absolutely everywhere, and the prosecution explains this by saying Knox "cleaned up her DNA". What?!?!?!? So, these brain dead idiots with apparently no experience with evidence whatsoever think she has some sort of DNA X-ray vision that allows her to see where her DNA is versus other peoples', then allows her to clean up only hers while avoiding the other DNA. Brilliant, just like their other idiotic theories. Sorry, but the 44% that think she's guilty or that it's still unclear are completely ignorant of the facts or they're blind sheep that believe everything police officers say.


Based on the evidence or lack of evidence, it strongly appears that Amanda Knox was framed.
For a former prosecutor, Nancy Grace is shockingly unprofessional.


In response to all the above who firmly believe Amanda is totally innocent does NOT the facts in this case. Just becuase her conviction was overturned does not mean she is innocent. Just remember and innocent person was brutally murdered.

@ nikki

Um, apparently YOU don't know the facts. Did you know Knox's DNA was nowhere on the scene after the evidence was correctly processed?? And that the ONLY DNA found other than the victims was the actual killer and rapist?? Are you delusional or do you just not know all of the mistakes law enforcement made in this ridiculous case?? You think we believe she's innocent because her conviction was overturned?? Hello! The vast majority of us NEVER believed in her guilt because this case was a pathetic mess. Read more carefully.


Knox and Sollecito are completely innocent and there is nothing wrong with their testimony. There's been a ton of disinformation promulgated by British and Italian tabloids and fueled by the corrupt Italian prosecutor, Mignini, who used his own lurid sex fantasy in place of evidence. Knox was the target of a witch hunt straight out of the Middle Ages. Kudos to the appeals court judge, Hellman, had the courage to stand up to Mignini and release these two obviously innocent people. Now and then in this world, courage triumphs over ignorance and corruption. It's a joy to see.


@agatha Christi....I don't care if Mother Teresa called Casey a good mother. A good mother doesn't go out partying for 31 days and not report her child missing/dead and lie to police...who are trying to help her. A good mother doesn't allow her child to lie in a swamp to rot and be eaten by animals and lie to everyone, including the child's grandparents, allowing them to suffer.....while the rest of the country is looking for her child. She was not a good mother....she is a very selfish person.


I believe she is either guilty or covering for someone. As many of you have stated, she has changed her story so many times. If she was innocent, her story would remain the same and she shouldn't be so confused about what happened. I'm not saying that she is guilty, but I am saying that there's something seriously wrong with her story.

@ K.P.92

How do you know? NONE of the evidence points to her. None. There's nothing "wrong" with her story.


they need to get back together to make sure their stories match. they can't talk on the phone or email safely. they have to see each other again to talk about their lies, make sure they match. If it were me and I was innocent, I'd never want to see him again, just because of the turmoil. She said he could have done it, then put the knife in her hand while she was sleeping to get prints on it. then, in her crying statement said, "and Rafaelle is innocent, too." Can't have it both ways. That's just the beginning of the obvious lies that will come out. they can't cover forever.

@ Sam101

Perhaps you are blatantly ignorant to the hundreds of people scared and coerced into bizarre false confessions every single year. I'd like to see you sit in a box with men screaming at you in a language you do not know,accusing you of murder and telling you you'd better change your story or you're going to jail. Think you'd stick to your guns? Yeah, doubt it.


I have heard nothing about the "BLACK "man that was rushed to prison. I do beleive that the young man and Amanda know and were involved in the death of the young woman.In some way.


She knows something, obviously, and she's not talking. She's changed her story so many times I'm not sure she even knows the truth anymore. She's certainly guilty of something, but we may never know what.


They could have stood by and cheered as onlookers (hence their dna not being found on poor Meredith at the scene) and also people seem to forget that Amanda falsely accused someone else hence she is having to pay this person compensation. Nancy Grace may just be right?