Do you support the right of same sex couples to marry?

Barack Obama at the Podium
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btw, need to stop worrying about what other people are `doing to there` children and worry about yourself, sweetheart. Get off the computer, drag your hateful @ss to a library or a school and get yourself an education. THERE is referring to a place, THEIR is referring to a possession, and THEY`RE replaces THEY ARE. What is ruining YOUR country (I`m a proud Canuck!) is lack of education and ignorance and you`ve proven my point.


...everyone just needs to mind their own business and keep out of other people`s lives!! Who CARES if someone is wants to marry another human - same sex or not. What is it hurting you other than ~The Bible~ saying it`s wrong? Doesn`t ~The Bible~ also say it`s a sin to eat shellfish or to wear cotton blended fabric?! Think for yourselves and stop following some silly book that tells you what to think...


You's not what we think or how we feel. It's about what our Almighty God says. God says it's a sin and sins can be forgiven. But if we know it's a's up to us to do something about it. Being gay is just a sin. as is willingly lying or killing. You aren't born a killer or a liar. you CHOOSE to do such acts. carrie knows better than this. She just forgot.


GO GIRL!!! I agree tht we should let ppl love whoever they want its not a crime its not like its going to kill somebody.


i totally agree with pacquiao's comment. c'mon guys, it's printed black and white on the Bible. we are made because of God why are we still choosing stuff that seperates us from Him. He died on the cross and what do we still give Him? yes you know the Word, but do you live in it? that is my opinion. i just want you guys to think this through. remember, we don't know when's rapture so do what you can do to worship Him before it's too late.


Homosexuality in my opinion, does not carry on the lifespan, is also a reckless behavior to which those who say there (GAY)NEED HELP, This Country is going to Hell! and its shit like this doing it. Love, Moral Values, Honor, Respect, HAS BEEN TOSSED OUT TO ALLOW HOMOSEXUALITY, PORNOGRAPHY TO RUN OUR COUNTRY TODAY. SOCIETY WHATS GOING TO BE NEXT? WHAT A SHAME!


I wonder if all of you hypocrites that dont like what the bible says have stopped taking christmass? Is the only bible you know the one chapter about little lord Jesus in the manger? You say that jesus taught tolerance, but what you mean is we must tolerate your beliefs, while you call us "ignorant hillbillys" "bigoted homophobes" and any other derogatory term you can think of. The Jesus of the bible took a whip and beat the money changers out of the temple.....wonder what he would have done to homosexual couples.....hummmm The jesus of the bible has a sharp sword, and will rule the nations with a rod of iron! The jesus of the bible will throw all homosexuals into hell. That is what the bible says, open it and read!!!!! Open your bible and read it. If you dont like what it says, then do away with it. Dont be a hypocrite! Dont be all up in jesus when you drag the presents out from under the tree, but dont want to hear any thing else about the bible.


this is pure madness,and also we re almost dere,(ENDTIME)Obama is going nut or maybe he has 4gotten dat his is de world leader,am so so so so so disapointed in obama,and he has killd my believe in him,sorry to say his is not worthy to usa president or world leader,what foundation is he layin 4 his children?or does he wants to remove de shame frm him 4 de fact dat is nt winning?waoooo unto obama and his generation...


one word: antidisestablishmentarianism. for those of you who know what it means, you have to concede that the arguement is over. for those who dont, get your head out of your bible reading butt and learn it. Obama HAD to come out in favor of gay marriage, and for our government to outlaw it violates the constitution. Yeah, im a fellow christian, but i have to concede that the law of the land was written in 1787, not in the 500 ADs. Doesnt matter what the bible says, we arent a theocracy, and using the bible as a defense for closemindednessis pathetic. I find it funny how the very people who decide to live their lives by the book and expect everyone else to do so as well frown upon a government such as Iran's former government, ruled in much the same way these bible thumping Homophobes want to. in jesus name we pray, Amen


i dont think obama should have support gay marriage how would he feel if his daughter marry a woman