Do you like the more "normal" looking Barbie, created by an artist based on real female measurements?

Normal Barbie Pics

@Ronnie fantasy? it's a child porn. what you have been wanking off to it? lol typical guys steal ur barbies to wank. Love that this newer barbie has an ass. I kinda understand what you mean Ronnie but some girls no matter how much they starve themselves will never look like a victoria secret model most girls bones structures aren't perfect that way. No girl should starve herself to be thin or what she thinks is beautiful. As hard as it may be having a calorie restricted healthy diet and exercising regularly is the only way. Leave the rest up to makeup and a strive for a good fashion sense. Everything else is out of are control. We as girls need to learn how to love are selves and be confident and that is what is what truly makes us sexy.


Actually there R women who look like Barbie they're called Victoria Secret Models! Barbie isn't supposed 2 B REAL is supposed 2 2 B a FANTASY! AVERAGE IS BORIN'!

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