Justin Bieber is posing here with the Stanley Cup. Do you care?

Justin Bieber with the Stanley Cup

They let him touch the cup? Ugh. Now it's gonna have to be sterilized.


It's normal. He gets photos taking everyday y does that matter. I love u Justin


Omg. Either way Justin is still popular and he has his fans. Who cares about that picture

@ Breanna+

Little girl, let me give you a Stanley cup lesson. 1 you do not stand on the mascots head and take pictures and 2 you do not touch the cup. It doesn't matter how famous you are. He is now pinned himself as a rude Canadian kid who has no manners. Isn't this the same day that he peed into a mop bucket at a restraunt? One they obviously use to clean their floors. I can see it coming.... your beloved Bieber will be some mans play toy very soon in prison.

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